Pilates Expectations – Movement equals Happiness .

‘Pilates is not just exercise it’s a lifestyle that changes the world’

Brent Anderson, founder of Polestar Pilates

There is so much written and talked about Pilates and why we should do it for all sorts of different reasons. We want to understand it as an activity that you simply attend and we often see it defined as a core based type of exercise combined with flexibility. Thankfully Pilates is so much more than that. 

Having been a Pilates Teacher for over 16 years I have seen the method grow in popularity and throughly enjoyed seeing people begin and develop their own personal journey with Pilates. Pilates is not defined by any type of person who attends, we see people who have injuries, back pain, neurological issues, muscle in-balances and low muscle tone, posture issues, the list goes on and on. Many Pilates beginners would just like to be stronger and fitter for ‘life’.

‘Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things’ - Joseph Pilates

Our experiences and expectations are are the biggest factor on having a good positive healing outcome for our bodies. Our perceptions are key and when we are in pain they can understandably be negative. My job is to let you experience successful movement without pain, and to continue to your journey building a system of trust with your body and your mind. I love to change the perception of movement equals pain to movement equals happiness.

We endeavour to meet the needs of the individual not the needs of a ‘method’ and as a participant your experience is unique with Pilates whether you are attending one of our small group mat classes or a Reformer 1-1 session. Core strength is a big part of any Pilates session but when you leave a session feeling that your whole body is stronger, more aligned and just moving so much better you have achieved a really positive movement experience. 

My greatest pleasure is to hear how clients further their experiences in their daily lives and activities, ranging from walking the dog for an hour instead of 30 minutes without pain, taking those few important seconds off their swim training time, sleeping better, improving their golf swing, playing with the grandchildren, having more awareness of posture at their desk and doing ‘mini’ pilates homework exercises at work! Again the list goes on but the main realisation is that nothing has to stay the same, the mind and body has an amazing capacity for change and healing. We just have to start somewhere….


Join us at Pilates Power for a very personalised Pilates Experience, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information about our classes and sessions.



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