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Pilates Workshops.

Our Pilates workshops are well known and very popular. Focussed Pilates workshops on areas of the body that need help with mobility and flexibility. These are drop in classes that are also a great introduction to Pilates Classes.

You don’t have to be a Pilates regular to attend any of our workshops, in fact its great way to be introduced to and try Pilates. Various different workshops are provided at Pilates Power. We focus our workshops on many different areas of interest for example problem areas such as; Shoulders, Hips and the Lower Back. We also run dynamic workshops taking just that bit more time to really focus on strength and flexibility. We use small props and equipment and all our workshops are 1 and 1/2 hour long. Contact me for more information. See directions here.

How do I book ? Choose a workshop below and sign up!


April 2024 Fascia Workshop : Pilates Myofascial Release Workshop

February 10, 2024

pilates hips workshop

March 2024 Menopause Workshop

February 2, 2024