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Pilates Power Studio Sessions.

Pilates Power Studio Sessions are one to one or in duets. We work a tailored Pilates programme unique to your needs, condition or goals.

‘Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness’
Joseph Pilates

Pilates Studio

The benefits of Pilates

Welcome to Pilates Studio, all sessions use specialised Pilates Machines and small equipment which include the Reformer, Trapeze Tower, Wunda Chair and Spine Arch. 

Pilates Private Sessions

One on One Pilates

Perfect for addressing neck and back pain to regain your strength and mobility, gaining confidence to recover from chronic pain or injury. 1-1 sessions and 2-1 sessions form a fundamental basis to understanding and learning the Pilates Method. It is perfect if you are looking for Pilates to help with rehabilitation. Under professional guidance from an expert teacher you will be guided through your own individual movement plan. 

Pilates Duet Sessions

Pilates in pairs.

Don’t feel like coming on your own? With only two people per session you will really benefit from more personal attention.  This enables you to also develop a better understanding Pilates fundamentals and technique. Share the cost and do session with a friend, family member or partner!

Pilates Studio Induction

Introduction to Pilates Studio

If you can’t decide which class to join or whether it’s private sessions you prefer we can offer you a Pilates Induction. It’s a great way to discover what’s best for you. You will start by learning the specifics of your body’s needs whilst having the benefit of both a Reformer and Mat class.  Experience and enjoy all the apparatus the studio has to offer, this is the best way to find out where your body and mind feels most connected.

Pilates Dynamic Circuits

Circuit Training at the Pilates Studio

This is a fast flowing class offering all the postural, flexibility, core, toning and injury prevention benefits of traditional Pilates. This class is an intense and demanding full body workout that sculpts figures, builds lean, toned muscle fast and will leave you on a high. If you are new to the Pilates Reformer book into our Pilates Induction to become familiar with the equipment. 

Come and say hello!

Our beautiful studio in Holywood has Pilates Mat Classes and Studio Sessions running all the time. Why not drop by and say hi. We are next to The Coffee Yard in Holywood. Contact me for more information. See directions here.