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Welcome to Pilates Power in Holywood

Pilates Power is located in Holywood, Belfast right next to the Coffee Yard. Our building has Pilates Power on the 3rd floor. Above us are the Yoga Rooms and below are the Reflexology Rooms and Belfast Counselling on the ground floor.

Holywood is the centre and core of well being health and alternative methods in Northern Ireland. Our decision to have our studio in Holywood is among like minded people, beautiful shops and artisan shopping. A seaside town with a cosmopolitan flavour, we hope you will enjoy your experience when you are here. You will find free parking across the road or paid parking inside behind the Coffee Yard, next to the entrance.

Our Studio is fitted with the latest mats, balls and sashes for Pilates mat classes for all levels. We also have state of the art Pilates double reformers, wunda chairs, ladders barrels and spine correctors. Quality of machinery and  quality experience of teaching is important to us at Pilates Power.

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‘Pilates develops the body uniformly, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit’

Joseph PilatesPilates Founder
Founder and Managing Director

Emily Waters


Emily Waters is no stranger in the world of Pilates in Northern Ireland.

Since arriving here 5 years ago, she has worked in Physiotherapist led Pilates Studios and has over 17 years experience in the Pilates Industry.

Previously Emily has worked in rehabilitation in the Caribbean, boutique 5 star resorts in Gstaad, Switzerland and set up and owned the popular Pilates Power Studio in Cronulla, Australia, where she also trained instructors. She pioneered Pilates in The British Virgin Islands and has been referred to by physiotherapists and general practitioners across Northern Ireland.

With connections and working experience across Pilates Studios in England and Ireland, she was originally trained by the founders of Pole Star Pilates and is today one of their most experienced instructors.

Dedicated and professional Emily enjoys a good work life balance and is an experienced paddle boarder and surfer, enjoying swimming, travel and the arts in her spare time.

Feel free to contact Emily for any related Pilates questions or bookings.

Pilates Classes January!

Our beautiful studio in Holywood has Pilates Classes starting this January 2019! We run 6 week classes starting the 7th Of January. If you start later we can pro rata your class subscription. We are running beginners through to intermediate Pilates Classes.

* Please book early to avoid disappointment!

What Pilates Power Clients Say

I have had issues with my back for years. I am so glad I started Pilates with Emily, what a difference to my lifestyle!