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Pilates Reformer and Studio Equipment.

Pilates Power provides the most up to date equipment including pilates reformer machines, wunda chair, cadillac tower, spine correctors, pilates mats, blocks & bands.

Welcome to Pilates Power in Holywood

Our Studio is fitted with the latest Pilates reformer machines, mats, balls and sashes for Pilates mat classes for all levels. We also have state of the art Pilates cadillac, pilates reformer, wunda chairs, ladder barrels and spine correctors. Quality of machinery and  quality experience of teaching is important to us at Pilates Power.

What is a Pilates Reformer?

Becoming familiar with Pilates equipment.

At first the world of Pilates can seem an odd experience when coming to grips with new equipment. Like any new health and fitness induction we will guide you through so you will feel comfortable in no time at all.

Our Pilates reformer machines and other equipment are used mostly in our private studio sessions, inductions, workshops and circuit classes.

The Pilates reformer is a great advantage to our studio and probably the most iconic of Pilates equipment.  Other pieces of equipment we have at the studio that you will become familiar with are the wunda chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector and trapeze.

Pilates Classes January!

Our beautiful studio in Holywood has Pilates Classes, Pilates workshops and Private Sessions with use of Pilates Reformer and other equipment all year round! We run 6 week classes for Pilates and one to one or duets 6 days a week . If you start later on a class we can pro rata your class subscription. We are running beginners through to intermediate Pilates Classes. All one to ones require a private initial consultation. Contact me for more information. See directions here.

* Please book early to avoid disappointment!

What Pilates Power Clients Say.

I have had issues with my back for years. I am so glad I started Pilates with Emily, what a difference to my lifestyle!