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Welcome To A Personalised Pilates Experience.

Our Pilates Classes and Studio Sessions are dedicated to providing you with a boutique personalised service.

Pilates  1-1 Sessions

Our Studio is open for 1-1 Pilates Monday to Friday, including studio reformer and other equipment.

Pilates Classes 2-1 Sessions

Pilates Duets or Pilates with a friend. Our Studio is open for 1-1 Pilates Monday to Friday, including studio reformer and other equipment.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates Sessions geared towards rehab in the studio. Make use of our Pilates Cadillac Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel & Spine Corrector.

Pilates Workshops

Specialised Pilates Workshops Working On Mobility, Core Strengthening And Flexibility At Our Pilates Holywood Studio, Belfast.

Welcome to Pilates Power in Holywood

Find Your Balance With Pilates

Pilates was first developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. Attending regular Pilates classes promises improved strength, balance, and flexibility. Studies have also shown a reduction in lower back pain. No matter who we are or what shape we are in, we feel how Pilates enhances the everyday activities of our lives – whether it’s just our normal daily activity or running a marathon.

Attending regular Pilates classes promises to improve flexibility, builds strength and develops control, balance and endurance in the entire body. It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, improving coordination and balance.

At our Pilates Power Studio in Holywood, Belfast ( right next to the Coffee Yard!) we teach the Pilates Method through PoleStar. Senior Instructor Emily Waters was trained by the founders of the method in Sydney, Australia where she opened her first successful Pilates Power studio in Cronulla. Since then Emily has taught Pilates and worked with people on their mobility and flexibility with great care and attention across Europe, the Caribbean, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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Our Pilates Studio And Benefits Of Pilates

You Are Always Welcome At The Pilates Power Studio
Pilates Core Strengthening

Pilates exercises help improve core strength, fitness and improve general well being. Pilates daily or just a class a week can make a great difference. 

Pilates Well Being

Pilates is an activity that not only improves your well being and posture but your immunity too. Our small Pilates classes are a personalised experience you will fin unique and move through the same pace with others. 

Pilates Mobility

Not just for sport but for life, regular Pilates can assist with recovery, rehabilitation and pre/ post pregnancy. We are often referred to by physios and gps to take up Pilates with ourselves.

Pilates Flexibility

Pilates aids in flexibility in your daily life, sport or activity. If you are a beginner you would expect to feel results from Pilates immediately after 2 weeks.

Pilates Power UK Gear

100% Cotton and Comfort Pilates Clothing For Men and Women available to buy online – delivery to your door in eco packaging.