Pilates Neck and Shoulder Tension Exercises – Movement equals Happiness .

‘Pilates is not just exercise it’s a lifestyle that changes the world’

Brent Anderson, founder of Polestar Pilates

There is so much written and talked about Pilates and why we should do it for all sorts of different reasons. We want to understand it as an activity that you simply attend and we often see it defined as a core based type of exercise combined with flexibility. Thankfully Pilates is so much more than that. 

Having been a Pilates Teacher for almost 20 years I have seen the method grow in popularity and throughly enjoyed seeing people begin and develop their own personal journey with Pilates. Pilates is not defined by any type of person who attends, we see people who have injuries, back pain, neurological issues, muscle in-balances and low muscle tone, posture issues, the list goes on and on. Many Pilates people would just like to be stronger and fitter for ‘life’. One of the key elements we know  as Pilates Professionals is that practice makes perfect and you can never be doing enough Pilates on a daily basis to improve your core and balance.

The Advantages of Pilates for Addressing Next and Shoulder Tension Issues : Pilates can both alleviate existing physiological problems and prevent future ones by straightening the spine and improving posture.

Neck and Shoulder tension

Do you experience chronic tension or pain in your neck, shoulders, or upper back?

Does no amount of stretching seem to release it?

Does daily work at a computer lead to constantly stiff neck and shoulders?

Would you like to take control of your health and well being, and experience greater ease of movement and relief from chronic tension?

About the neck

Muscle tension in the neck is a common complaint. Your neck contains flexible muscles that support the weight of your head. These muscles can be injured and irritated from overuse and postural problems.

Neck Pain can also sometimes be attributed to worn joints or compressed nerves, but neck tension typically refers to muscle spasms or soft tissue injuries. The top of the spine is also located in the neck and can be a source of pain, too.

Neck tension can come on suddenly or slowly. It’s not unusual to wake up with tense muscles in your neck after sleeping in an odd position or straining your muscles while exercising.

Ongoing neck tension that comes and goes over the course of many months may have less noticeable causes, like grinding your teeth or hunching over the computer. There are a range of activities that can affect the muscles in your neck.

Symptoms of neck tension

The symptoms of neck tension, which may come on suddenly or slowly, include:

Muscle tightness

Muscle spasms

Muscle stiffness

Difficulty turning your head in certain directions

Pain that worsens in certain positions

Tips to prevent neck and shoulder tension

In our workshop this month, we learn and practice releasing common areas of tension in the neck, shoulders, and upper body through self myfoascial treatment and gentle exercises.

Using a small props and gentle, sustained pressure, you will be guided through simple yet deeply effective exercises to release tension in the body’s connective tissue; allowing for greater range of motion, ease of movement, and relief from tension and pain. We’ll also work with simple exercises, increasing somatic awareness throughout these areas.

Our workshops are always in a small group format, allowing for lots of one-on-one instruction and guidance as you learn to more deeply understand your body’s own signals and needs and move towards greater self care and wellness.

In deepening our ability to sense into the muscles and tissue, we gain a greater ability to self regulate the body’s habitual stress patterns, creating new & healthier habits in our body.

You’ll leave with a routine to practice at home, empowering you to take control of your body’s well being through regular mindful self care.

Our Neck and Shoulder Release Workshop is on Wednesday 19th February at 6.30pm. The workshop is an hour and half and is £15. You can book directly on our website www.pilatespower.co.uk or just contact me directly: emily@pilatespower.co.uk

See you soon!

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